Software Developer (Medior)

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  • Utrecht, Netherlands

Software Developer (Medior)

Job description

The morning traffic jam: for many a standard beginning of the day. Not surprising, since 75% of travellers travel by car, of which 88% also travel alone. Think of the impact that could be made if 10% of these commuters shared their commute with a colleague. Our Toogethr Ridesharing & Cycles apps make it easier to travel to and from work and connect colleagues who travel the same routes. Toogethr removes conventional barriers by changing behaviour and makes traveling to work fun again, together or alone.

Our goal: fewer cars on the road, less traffic jams and less CO2 emissions, which ultimately results in a faster drive from A to B. In addition, our smart parking solutions ensure more available parking spaces when you arrive by car. We make mobility simple for various (government) organizations and areas in the Benelux. Toogethr is currently growing rapidly and therefore we are looking for a Software developer to support us and make us grow in all our coding adventures.

Software Developer (Medior)

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“It’s not a bug, It’s a feature”

Job profile:
As a Software Engineer, you'll be an integral part of a focused team of software engineers together with QA, Devops and UX specialists. You will be creating the smoothest and cleanest code in order to advance our products and truly help our customers.

Job requirements

Key responsibilities

As our Medior developer you:

  • develop and improve the back-end of all our products;
  • deploy features, while maintaining the best quality and ensuring user happiness;
  • translate requirements from design to functional and flexible solutions;
  • define GraphQL and Rest API-endpoints and integrate them into our solutions;
  • enjoy supporting and coaching cross-functional team members to continuously develop their coding mindset;
  • give advice about (new) technologies and architectures to improve our products

To be successful in this role, we believe you need solid experience within the field of software development.
You are in – or on track towards – a solid medior role. In a fast-paced company, this usually equates to a minimum of 3+ years of experience.

Experience & Knowledge

  • bachelor’s degree or higher in computer science/ software engineering (or similar);
  • at least 3-5 years of experience as a software developer;
  • perfectly skilled in Python;
  • experience with React;
  • experience with Django, PostgreSQL (Postgis is a bonus), GraphQL;
  • great in Code reviews and writing tech specs;
  • experience with the agile/scrum processes;
  • you put the GIT in grit;
  • self-directed and efficient time management;
  • strong verbal and written communication skills in English (Dutch is a bonus).

What’s in it for you?

  • a place within our international team;
  • a competitive salary;
  • an inspiring workspace in Utrecht;
  • a chance to work with highly skilled (tech) professionals;
  • flexible working arrangements;
  • team-building activities and Friday (digital) drinks.